Cow Play Cow Moo

A Cow Play Cow Moo Arcade in Indonesia

Cow Play Cow Moo, a popular arcade chain from Singapore, has made its debut in Indonesia. Located on the 2nd floor of Carstensz Mall Gading Serpong, this gaming haven offers a variety of exciting games and experiences.

Daniel Darwin, the Director of Cow Play Cow Moo, shared that their first outlet in Indonesia boasts around 200 different machines.

“We have approximately 200 machines that are very diverse in terms of prizes and gameplay. Every 2 to 4 months, there will also be updates for merchandise, plush toys, and collectible cards in line with different themes,” said Daniel, as quoted in their report.

Immersive Gaming Experience

One of the standout features of this gaming arena is the immersive experience it offers, fusing technology with authentic interaction.

Daniel explained that visitors can enjoy playing the latest gaming machines, including Monopoly, Hungry-Hungry Hippo, Dodgeball, Retro Express, Dracarys Legend, King Kong, and Minecraft Dungeon.

The excitement during these games complemented by a fast-response customer service. Each machine is equipped with a barcode that visitors can scan to call for assistance when needed.

This customer service aspect is a top priority, as they believe that a fun and comfortable gaming environment is the perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family.

A Treasure Trove of Merchandise

“To enhance the gaming experience for visitors, there are hundreds of licensed character merchandise items from Disney, Sanrio, Bandai, and other popular brands that can be acquired through ticket redemption and claw machine games,” said Daniel.

What’s fascinating is that these place offers a wide variety of ways to play claw machines.

“Machines with special markings also have a guaranteed prize feature, so there’s no need to worry because you’ll definitely win a prize when you play,” Daniel added.

Cow Play Cow Moo, Modern Design and Safety Assurance

Their latest outlet boasts a modern design in both the interior and the layout of the gaming area. Futuristic aesthetics blend with the lights emanating from the gaming machines, creating a joyful and vibrant atmosphere for playtime.

Beyond the fun and games, they committed to prioritizing the safety and comfort of its visitors. The cleanliness and proper maintenance of every corner of the room and every gaming machine diligently upheld by an experienced team.

As Cow Play Cow Moo expands its presence to Indonesia, it offers not only exciting gaming experiences but also a commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone who steps through their doors. So, whether you’re into Monopoly or Hungry-Hungry Hippo, rest assured, the Cow Play Cow Moo Arcade has got your gaming cravings covered.


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